Ziggy Elman King Miniature Presentation Trumpet in B-flat, Liberty Model, Gold-plated

(#312224, c.1948)

Originally owned by famous big band trumpeter Ziggy Elman. There were only 100 of these made between the late 1920s and the mid/late 1940s. These were given out mostly to bigger name King Trumpet artists. This instrument in playable and sounds as a B-flat piccolo trumpet. While this came with an original matching mouthpiece, Mr. Elman had a Parduba Double Cup mouthpiece made with a shank to fit this horn, making it much more playable. I’ve actually used this in performances of Haydn’s “Toy” Symphony as well as in Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Ballet (Act I. Scene 5, Toy Trumpet). Mr. Elman was my first teacher when I started on cornet at six and a half years old. This instrument came to me from the family of Earl Gaines who was Mr. Elman’s partner on the music store that I went to for my lessons.