Bach Bb Trumpet, ML bore, New York (#6XX, c.1927) pic1 pic2

Bach Bb Trumpet, ML bore, Mt. Vernon (#19XXX, c.1959) pic1 pic2

Benge Bb Trumpet, ML bore, Chicago (#28XX, c.1949) pic1 pic2

King Miniature Presentation Bb Trumpet, Liberty Model (c.1948) pic1 pic2 pic3


Bach C Trumpet, L bore, Model 229, H leadpipe (#142XXX, c.1979) pic1 pic2 pic3

Bach C Trumpet, ML bore, Mt. Vernon, Model 239 (#21XXX, c.1961) pic1 pic2


Schilke D-Eb Trumpet, Model E3L (c.1982) pic1

Schilke E-F-G Trumpet, Model G1L (c.1981) pic1


Schilke A-Bb Piccolo Trumpet, Model P5-4 (c.1984) pic1

Schilke A-Bb Piccolo Trumpet, Model P7-4 Prototype (2005) pic1

Benge A-Bb Piccolo Trumpet (c.1978) pic1


Yamaha Bb Flugelhorn, Model YFH-731 (c.1985) pic1


Monke Bb Rotary Valve Trumpet, Model MB113GK, Gold Brass Bell (c.2000)

Monke C Rotary Valve Trumpet, Model MC113GK, Gold Brass Bell (c.2000) pic1

Monke D Rotary Valve Trumpet, Model MD113GK, Gold Brass Bell (c.2000)


Getzen Bb shepherd’s crook Cornet (c.1984) pic1

Getzen C shepherd’s crook Cornet (c.1995)

Bach Bb Cornet, Mt. Vernon Model (#13XXX, c.1955)


Furst-Pless A Posthorn (without valves) (c.1968) pic1

Furst-Pless Bb Posthorn (with valves) (c.2004) pic1 pic2


Bach Brass

Schilke Music

Joseph Monke Instruments



Bb Trumpet: Bach 1 1/2C (stock) (small letters)

C, D, and Eb Trumpet: Bach 1 1/2C, 23 throat, 117 backbore (small letters)

G Trumpet: Schilke 14A4A

Schilke Piccolo Trumpet: Purviance #8

Benge Piccolo Trumpet: Schilke 14A4A

Bb and C Cornet: Sparx 2C, Denis Wick 2B, or Bach Mt Vernon 1 1/4C

Flugelhorn: Curry 1 1/2C medium cup

Rotary Bb and C Trumpet: JK Exclusive 4C, Breslmair G2

Rotary D Trumpet: JK Exclusive 4D

Posthorn: Tils 5C

Others for misc. use: Curry 1 1/2TF, Bach 1E


Curry Mouthpieces

Sparx Mouthpieces

Joseph Klier




Straight: Alessi-Vacchiano, TrumCor Lyric, TrumCor Metal mute with brass bottom, MHT-111 Brass Bottom Straight Mute

Cup: Denis Wick

Harmon: Copper Harmon wah-wah, MHT-123- Aluminum Symphonic Wah-Wah Mute

Piccolo Straight: Tom Crown (Copper)

TrumCor Mutes

Mutec Mutes


Valve Oil

Zaja Blue

Rotary Horns: Zaja rotary trumpet oil

Zaja Oil


Lip Balm



All equipment photos by Roger Mastroianni.